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The India Initiative

ImageLast May, I had the trip of a lifetime to India that was made possible by Simon Fraser University. The SFU India Inititative Program focuses on increasing collaboration between India and Canada.

“Through the generous support of Western Economic Diversification Canada, SFU is accelerating its linkages with India, in particular, focusing on mobility programs and projects that support the clean energy, life sciences, new media and film sectors. With the objective of building strong ties between BC and India, the BC-India Mobility Initiative allows scholars and executives from India to visit and conduct teaching, research or knowledge-sharing activities, supports the placement of SFU students in India, and the development of series of industry workshops.” – Taken from SFU’s India Initiative website (http://india.sfu.ca)

This particular trip involving the SFU Film Production Program was to increase collaboration and involvement of SFU with the film industry and film schools. Sara Blake and I went to India 10 weeks with the intention of networking with industry professionals, visiting institutions and organizations, and gathering information on the current state of the film industry. From May to August, we conducted one-on-one interviews with industry professionals including Anurag Kashyap, Ketan Mehta, Jayanth Paranjee, and Nimisha Mukerji to develop our understanding of the many faces of Indian Cinema and find opportunities for coproduction.

Oh we had such an incredible time. In fact, we are returning to India in order to follow up on the connections we made and further our research of the industry. Stay tuned on the blog as I will eventually release an article about the trip in full detail including our projections and plans for the future of Indo-Canadian CoProduction.